Hug Therapy

When you give a hug you get a hug in return, said Liz, R.N. about the value of human touch in healthcare, and also for people in general from birth to old age.  A nurse clinician, Liz attended a nursing conference and learned about a study where participants achieved higher test scores because they were touched as they received test materials.  At the conference Liz and other participants in her session were instructed to give the person next to them a hug, and given a pin to wear that read: “Hug Therapist.” On her return flight, the man sitting next to her on the airplane asked about her “Hug Therapist” pin.  Liz  explained the value of “Hug Therapy” and when the plane landed, the man said:  “Can I have a hug.” Liz was pleased that her newly acquired knowledge great the nursing conference was already starting to pay off.

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