Meg’s first recipe recommendation: 8oz of low sodium V8, 8oz of Bloody Mary Mix (any kind) mix.  35 calories. Great for breakfast, lunch or snack.

Meg, age 53, height 5 ft. 4 inches and weight, about 250 (down from 300) pounds, hurt her knee. I ran into her at one of her four jobs.  I asked how she was and she replied:  “I’ve been better,” and then explained her knee pain. She was standing behind the counter in a busy deli located in a grocery store. She also is a food taster for a global company, does manicures in a local shop, and at a local nursing home.  She explained that when she was age 20, she weighed 120 pounds and was cute. She was one of eight children that grew up on a dairy farm and food figured into her life from an early age. She is a superb cook. Her cooking brings people to tears it is so good.  Now, because of the pain she is experiencing in her knee, she is close to tears. She has experienced many health issues that are weight related and has lost and gained back weight, according to the immediate goal she was seeking.  One time she was the winner in a” biggest loser” weight loss contest. “I won $300,” she said.

Meg is still cute.  She has green eyes and strawberry blond hair and beautiful skin and a generous spirit. She asked, “How do I stop the pain in my knee?” She and her physician are working on the answer. Meg said, “I need to lose weight, but how I do and keep it off this time?”  She decided to change some of her recipes to make them healthier. She offered to share them.  Meg decided to take the Contented Hearts® Fat Screening Quiz.  “I am thinking about me,” she said. “Personalized health.”

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