About Us

Contented Hearts, Inc. is a life science company committed to creating high value defined health content for individuals and groups. Our aim is to provide customers with convenient personalized health guideline tools and related health offerings that can significantly reduce the incidence of both risk and events, and subsequent events, and prospective cost, for lifestyle related health conditions.

This means significant cost savings for our system users, for example, individuals with elevated health risk will, on the average, have medical costs 66.5% higher than individuals not-at-risk for: overweight, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure and lifestyle stress.

Creating alliances with trusted businesses across industries are critical components of our strategy.

Contented Hearts has as its mission to make it possible for anyone to create a reliable health plan. Dianne Charles Van Fulpen is the founder and CEO of Contented Hearts, Inc. and was instrumental in developing Contented Hearts’ products along with leaders in their field in cardiology, cardiac risk stratification, behavioral science and computer science and corporate health programs. She is building upon her track record of success in the newspaper industry and also healthcare and energy industries. Ms. Charles has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. Prior to moving to Michigan she lived and attended school in California and Florida.

Contented Hearts, Inc. 11490 East G Avenue, Galesburg, Michigan 49053