A Wrenching Question

“For $10,000 would you carry a wrench in your pocket for the rest of your life?” asked a man named Nolan, who was dressed in a Halloween costume as a naked woman. His wife, Cindy, dressed as a naked man, stood next to him. They were the winners of the best costume prize at the party. While their costumes were inventive, they were not offensive, just humorous.  In fact, they were hilarious. Cindy and Nolan were talented artists and their costumes told a lot about how much fun they were to be around.“No,” I replied. However, some bystanders begin to inquire about the size of the wrench; which pocket and so on….The same question can be interpreted as a “quality of life” question.There are as many answers as there are people around to interpret the question:  “What does quality of life mean to a person for the rest of their life?”

Some people at the Halloween party actually said yes.

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