Jumpstarting the Global Economy is Risky Business

While Contented Hearts® Lifestyle Quiz was designed for heart disease risk factor analysis for age, gender, weight; exercise levels, family history, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, enlarged heart, stress of lifestyle; it mirrors the underlying risks for COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Risks are characteristics of disease and some risks, such as obesity, are now considered a disease. The literature shows that […]


Meg’s first recipe recommendation: 8oz of low sodium V8, 8oz of Bloody Mary Mix (any kind) mix.  35 calories. Great for breakfast, lunch or snack. Meg, age 53, height 5 ft. 4 inches and weight, about 250 (down from 300) pounds, hurt her knee. I ran into her at one of her four jobs.  I asked how she was and […]

Fear and Physicians

“They are really after us, the physicians,” said the chief medical officer, also a physician, about diagnosis related groups or the DRG prospective payment system for healthcare. A confusing array of acronyms and events was triggered by federal legislation calling for this change in healthcare payment that put prices on medical procedures related to categories of disease diagnosis called prospective payment. […]

A Wrenching Question

“For $10,000 would you carry a wrench in your pocket for the rest of your life?” asked a man named Nolan, who was dressed in a Halloween costume as a naked woman. His wife, Cindy, dressed as a naked man, stood next to him. They were the winners of the best costume prize at the party. While their costumes were […]

Hug Therapy

When you give a hug you get a hug in return, said Liz, R.N. about the value of human touch in healthcare, and also for people in general from birth to old age.  A nurse clinician, Liz attended a nursing conference and learned about a study where participants achieved higher test scores because they were touched as they received test […]

Football Fantasy and Health

The top number of your blood pressure reading it tied to stress. Cassandra is age 32, divorced, and the mother of two boys, ages 9 and 6. She is tall, trim and attractive and working on her degree in physical education. She likes playing Fantasy Football and has high blood pressure from lifestyle stress. She knows a lot about football […]